Dear reader, 

Our employees’ diversity and versatility gives life to our company. They make HOCHTIEF stronger and play a huge role in the success of all the companies in our Group. The fact that people with different origins and nationalities like to work at HOCHTIEF shows that we are an attractive company. We’re proud of that.

The focus of this issue is on the latest trends in airport construction and the challenges involved. I’m a frequent flyer between continents, and that enables me to experience the latest developments in the aviation industry at first hand. The most far-reaching changes are actually taking place on the ground. HOCHTIEF has played a big role in building, expanding, and modernizing airports in Europe. That also goes for the CIMIC companies in Australia and Asia, which are currently working on airport projects in Sydney, Melbourne, and Hong Kong, to name just some examples. In the USA, Turner and Flatiron are currently working on ten of the country’s twenty biggest airports. There the focus is on new terminals, improved connections to ground-based transport, and adaptations to the latest requirements.

Airport technology is incredibly complex, and even in the construction phase they must comply with extremely strict safety and security regulations. And their aim is ultimately to make air travel as easy and pleasant as possible for the passengers. Airports are hubs of globalization. The companies in the HOCHTIEF Group are bringing high levels of expertise and experience to bear on their further development. The prospects are exciting. 

Pleasant reading!

Sincerely yours,

Marcelino Fernández Verdes
Chief Executive Officer of HOCHTIEF