01 | 2020
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Alicia Lopez

OCCUPATION ⇨ Design Management Group Director at Flatiron Construction in Broomfield, Colorado (USA)

MISSION ⇨ Expanding her horizons and developing innovations

Alicia Lopez is an explorer at heart: always on the go, curious, and ever on the lookout for opportunities to discover something new. She loves getting to know different countries and cultures. Having traveled to more than 50 countries in her leisure time and taken many business trips as well, she says with a smile, “The world is a big place.” 

After receiving her master’s degree in civil engineering, she worked in her native Spain for several years. Her then employer wanted to expand into India, and Lopez was asked to set up the company’s technical services in New Delhi. “We had to start at square one: renting an office, hiring employees, everything,” she says. In a metropolis as chaotic as New Delhi, this was not an easy task, but in the six years she worked there she helped put the company on track to success.

In parallel to her full-time job, she continued studying for her bachelor’s degree in business administration and management and then on her master’s in public-private partnership (PPP). She became a prime candidate for bigger projects and was repeatedly appointed to manage new developments.

After assignments in Oman and the USA, she joined the HOCHTIEF subsidiary Flatiron Construction in 2016 and initially worked for the company in Canada. Since February 2019 she has been back in the USA as the Design Management Group Director responsible for the overall design control process for large-scale projects—with great success. She has introduced effective control mechanisms for making design processes more cost-efficient and minimizing risks during pursuits and post-award. Flatiron Construction is a pioneer in this area—few U.S. construction companies can match its systematic approach. But Lopez isn’t resting on her laurels. As Flatiron’s Innovation Director, she’s leading the charge for technology in construction and digital transformation.