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OCCUPATION: Vice President and General Manager of Turner Construction in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

MISSION: Creating and managing teams

When she’s not leading the Boston office of Turner Construction Company, you can find Meaghan Hooper-Berdik in her garden or working on a project at home. “My husband and I putter around a lot in our house and in the garden,” she says. She’s good at gardening and building, and she likes to make things. Watching something grow and take shape as a result of her efforts is a deeply satisfying experience, she says. A 43-year-old mother of two, she likes to take matters into her own hands and to show initiative.

And she doesn’t hesitate to take on responsibility. This was already evident in high school, where she was the captain of her softball and volleyball teams. She continues to demonstrate these leadership qualities in her present job. During the 21 years that she has been with the company, Hooper-Berdik has held a variety of managerial positions. In 2017, she was appointed Vice President and General Manager. Her strong commitment to meeting the special needs of women in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) professions has earned her a place in the list of “100 Corporate Women Leaders in STEM” published by the STEMconnector organization.

She considers it important to create an atmosphere of trust, in which every employee receives the support he or she needs in order to deliver the best possible performance. For example, this support can take the form of more flexible worktime models that enable employees to take care of children or sick relatives. It’s a bit like her gardening work: Hooper-Berdik creates the preconditions for plants to thrive, but they have to do the growing themselves.