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Dear reader,

Anyone implementing large-scale infrastructure projects in Germany—our home market—and in many other countries too must take into account numerous conservation and species protection requirements. These are complex processes requiring substantial efforts and costs in terms of both time and money for all parties involved. Where protected species occur, constructive solutions often have to be found.

In our magazine, we describe the measures we are taking to protect the natural environment along the route during the expansion of the A6 highway in southern Germany, and how we are establishing new nature reserves in other locations to compensate for areas used. 

Toward the back of this issue, you’ll find another report documenting our efforts to enhance sustainability. Our U.S. subsidiary Turner Construction has voluntarily committed itself to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and the water consumption at its construction sites by half between now and 2030. I see that as an important signal!

Sincerely yours,

Marcelino Fernández Verdes
Chief Executive Officer of HOCHTIEF