02 | 2020

Dear reader,

In recent months the whole world has realized through experience just how important it is to have a good medical infrastructure. During the Covid-19 pandemic doctors and medical personnel have accomplished feats that had seemed nearly impossible, and for that we cannot thank them enough. They have saved lives and treated severely ill patients in intensive care units. One of the factors that made this possible was the fact that our medical technology is the best that has ever been. This technology, in turn, requires buildings that comply with very special requirements and have been customized by experts to fulfill their purpose. One of the stories in this issue is therefore devoted to hospital construction.

Modern clinics are among the most complex buildings that exist, and erecting a clinic is one of the greatest challenges in the building construction industry. In the past, HOCHTIEF has built many healthcare facilities all over the world. That has created close relationships between our Group and the respective healthcare systems. Thus it was only natural that Turner Construction was immediately ready and able to build an emergency clinic for more than 1,000 Covid-19 patients in New York City. Within a few weeks, HOCHTIEF created the prerequisites for 4,000 additional hospital beds in the USA. In Australia and New Zealand, meanwhile, CIMIC has also played an important role in the community response to the pandemic by mobilizing additional resources. These achievements have demonstrated an outstanding level of courage, commitment, and responsibility.

Sincerely yours,

Marcelino Fernández Verdes 
Chief Executive Officer of HOCHTIEF