02 | 2020
© Hanna Knizova

Linda Černá Vydrová

OCCUPATION ⇨ Senior Geotechnical Engineer at  HOCHTIEF CZ

MISSION ⇨ Everything is possible

The last three years have been very intense for Linda Cerná Vydrová, a 36-year-old geotechnical engineer from Prague. During that time she worked on the overall refurbishment of the Negrelli Viaduct. The viaduct, which is 170 years old, was recently recommissioned. It is not just any old construction—it’s part of the city’s cultural heritage. At a length of 1,450 meters, it’s the longest railroad bridge in the Czech Republic and the second-oldest bridge in Prague.

A project of this kind is naturally subject to public scrutiny, but the pressure on Linda was not only external: This project was very close to her heart. After all, the viaduct crosses her home town. Having the opportunity to help restore its original grandeur and beauty, and thus to enhance Prague’s image, meant a lot to her. The entire team felt the same way. “For three years we practically lived for this project. All of us gave it our best effort,” she says. “It was a unique experience, and I’m very thankful for it.” It was also an unprecedented experience for her, because it was the very first bridge she worked on at HOCHTIEF. Linda Cerná Vydrová is actually a specialist for tunnels. In addition, it’s a challenge to hold her own in a male preserve day after day—especially in her management position as the Head of the Geotechnical Survey.

Her success in this position makes her a model for other women who want to gain a foothold in this profession. “Everything is possible if you want it to be,” she says, referring to more than just her profession. In addition to her job and her family, she also finds time to pursue her hobbies, which include creative ones such as painting and playing the piano as well as sports, including running and cycling. Recently she decided to participate in a small triathlon. “I need to challenge myself again and again,” she says. “That keeps me on my toes—and gives me the strength to face new challenges.”